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I'm Nadia Nash.

I’m a storyteller and entertainer with a decade of experience hosting shows and emceeing events. If you're looking for a multilingual, energetic and fun personality, get in touch and let's work together.

I provide training and education on spoken communication and I believe that everyone has ideas and stories worth sharing. My mission is to help you find your voice, so you can share your message clearly and authentically. 

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Better Today

After years of the “hustle and grind” lifestyle in the entertainment industry, I finally found the remedy to my emptiness, loneliness, hopelessness and my “WHY”.

First, I needed to be kind to myself, regain confidence and befriend myself.

Second, I am called to share my stories and lessons learnt. Reach out and support others on their path of growth.

Now, I speak and write about self-kindness and confidence, with the support of the Better Today community . Sharing my experiences and paying it forward to everyone who has been with me and new friends on this journey.

Join the Better Today community

Everyone is welcome! The family lives on an Instagram broadcast channel (for now) and we talk every day.

Take part in polls, answer questions and get daily messages from me. 

Plus real-time updates on my content and behind the scenes of events and video productions.


It is a space where we celebrate listening to your inner voice, befriending yourself,

and supporting yourself, all aiming to better serve others, the community and the world.

Better self to better serve.

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