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Power Hour

This is the 60-minute class you have been asking for!

Quick, straight-forward and compact.

Every Power Hour focuses on different topics relating to public speaking and presentation

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Join Power Hour, kelas crash-course yang padat dengan ilmu dan tips praktikal mengikut topik-topik terpilih dalam bidang pengucapan awam.

This month's topic:


Nervous? Stage fright? Tak konfiden?

Dalam perut rasa "guduk-guduk", butterflies in your stomach?

Memang selalu macam ni bila nak kena present dan berucap?

This Power Hour class will guide you to build the skills and self-belief to conquer public speaking fears. In one hour, you will learn to understand confidence, how to cultivate it and ways to display it.

19 May, Sunday | Online, Zoom Meeting

RM30 per pax

Is this class for you?

Join us if you...

✨ never had any public speaking training before

✨ had previous training, but want revise on the specific topic

✨ have 1 hour to spare for learning

✨ are ready for growth and an improved you

Skip this if you...

 ❌ are only looking to be spoonfed and expect some magical cure-all for your success


❌ are not ready to put in the work

❌ think that one hour is not enough

What you will learn

These are the 3 modules that will help you build confidence and manage your fear of public speaking.

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1_ Understanding confidence

Mana nak cari confidence?

Is confidence something you find or build?

Learn the factors that contribute to unstoppable confidence and how to cultivate it.

Image by Belle Collective

2_ Confidence inside

Get ready to discover your inner warrior. We will find a version of you that has been hiding in the shadows and let your voice shine!

Belajar teknik-teknik untuk lahirkan keyakinan dari dalam dan cara-cara untuk kawal perasaan nervous.

Image by Austin Neill

3_ Confidence outside

Tampil yakin ketika berucap di depan khalayak ramai. Attract and keep your audience's attention when you speak.

Discover practical tips and techniques to appear confident, charismatic and powerful in public. 


Register now!

Just a small investment for your growth. Why wait?

Register sekarang sebelum kelas penuh! 

Kalau topik ni sesuai dengan anda dan boleh bantu atasi masalah anda, jangan tunggu! Topik untuk Power Hour akan berubah tiap-tiap bulan.

RM30 per pax only

Why Power Hour class?

Features You Will Love


No frills! No clutter!

Kelas 1 jam, pembelajaran yang padat dan straight-forward. Knowledge and practical tips to make learning easy. Lebih fokus dan mendalam berdasarkan topik.


Compact class

Sesuai untuk jadual sibuk anda. Time is precious!

Squeeze hours of learning into just 60 minutes and still get the benefits of it.


Attend class from anywhere

Jangan risau tentang trafik dan parking. Belajar dari mana-mana saja. 

An online class is more relaxed and less intimidating compared to a face-face physical class.


Bi-lingual teaching

Training will be done in Bahasa Malaysia and English. If you are an English speaker, great! If you lebih biasa dengan BM, tak ada masalah. 

Meet your trainer

Nadia Nash

Getting her break on the 8TV Quickie in 2013 opened the floodgates for Nadia’s broadcasting journey. Hosting on FlyFM, Astro Supersport, Astro Arena, Astro Ria, Astro Citra, and many other programmes on HyppTV and RTM. She also emcees corporate and media events for well-known consumer brands like Rexona, Dutch Lady, Celcom etc. 

Dalam semua rancangan dan acara, 5 tahun sebagai hos untuk Asian LeMans Series ialah kenangan dan kejayaan yang Nadia paling tak boleh lupa. Travelling to Japan, China, UAE and Thailand, hosting live broadcasts to 20 million audience all over the world. Pencapaian yang sangat special.

Nadia’s experience as a presenter and emcee for more than 10 years has given her the confidence and aspiration to share her know-how on public speaking and presenting with others. Banyak yang Nadia dah belajar, banyak yang nak dikongsi.

Now a HRDF certified trainer, Nadia is ready to guide you and make you the speaker you dream to become!

RM30 per pax only

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Questions? Still unsure?

Drop us an email and ask away. We are here to help you out.

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